Book/Movie Review

Writing a Quality Book & Movie Review

Despite the fact that writing a review can seem quite a simple assignment, students often wonder how to write a movie review to make it stand out from the rest. It can be quite a challenging task, considering how many elements should be included to your review and what main ideas you should convey to the reader.

The main aim of such an assignment is to improve your critical thinking, concentrating on the important parts and leaving aside features, which have no importance. Every student needs to distinguish the key points of the book or movie and back them with examples. When paying attention to every part of the text or movie, you get a chance to find meaning in things, which seemed not important. In such a way, you learn how to concentrate your attention and distinguish one idea from another.

Here are some advices, which may greatly help you in writing a movie review:

  • Grab attention of the audience with a catchy line. Start your introduction or abstract with a clear sentence, which conveys your impression: is the work good/ outstanding/ weak?
  • Make sure the readers know your opinion. Don’t puzzle them whether you like the movie/book or not: state your mind and then use facts to support your point of view;
  • Don’t concentrate on the plot only. Most of the students concentrate on the plot, forgetting about other details, like acting, music and much more. Try to pay attention to every aspect of the subject you are discussing;
  • Shape a proper ending. The main goal of any review is to give the reader an idea of whether a particular book/movie is worth reading/watching. Make sure you add such information to the final paragraph.

If you want to learn how to write a book review or analyze any other piece of art, you need to avoid common mistakes, which may greatly influence the outcome. They may include absence of focus on the movie/book itself, too much personal opinion, absence of relevant and credible sources, forgetting about a proper structure and so on. Make sure you go through your reviews over and over again before creating a final draft to eliminate all possible mistakes and flaws.

College Book/movie Review Format

Although writing a book or a movie review is a common assignment, every professor has personal demands and requirements, which may greatly change the structure and the style of your task. Make sure you note down all of the guidelines to avoid possible mistakes. However, there are some common elements, which every movie or book review format should include:

  • Indication of the title. Many students forget about indicating the title in their introduction, thinking that mentioning it in the headline is enough;
  • Summary. Always write the review as if the reader has never read the book or watched the movie before. In such a way, you will be able to avoid mentioning the key events. You need to back your opinion with examples and facts. Your main goal is to analyze the plot and not just to share your likes/dislikes;
  • Relevance of the topic. Analyze the book/movie, based on its significance to the audience. If it is a task for a history class, indicate whether it is accurate historically;
  • Picture the author. It is very important to give the reader brief information on the writer or a filmmaker, his beliefs and background;
  • Additional elements, which are usually not taken into account. For example, music, costumes, stylistic elements and so on. Your professor will definitely mark out such a thorough and deep analysis;
  • Revise your work. Before delivering the assignment to your professor, make sure you have eliminated all the mistakes. Always double-check spelling of names and terms, always reread your work from the point of your professor and make sure the assignment is not overcrowded with quotes.

At the end, you need to provide your own evaluation, concentrating on several features. For example, was the book appealing? Did the movie give a full image of the era? Stating your personal opinion, backed with facts and evidence, is always a great way of closing a quality review.

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