CASE STUDY – HYPERTENSION Rachelle Wagner Patient Assignment

CASE STUDY – HYPERTENSION Rachelle Wagner Patient Assignment R.W. is a 42-year-old African American executive assistant who comes to the outpatient clinic for a routine physical. During the intake interview, R.W. reveals that she is experiencing considerable job stress, has two young teenagers at home, and is providing care for her elderly grandparents with the help of her husband. Initial Assessment 1730 VS: T 37.5° C (98.6° F), BP 158/88, P 84 and regular, R 20 and unlabored. R.W. denies any pain and has an O2 saturation of 98% on RA. Height: 172.7 cm (68 in), weight: 88.5 kg (195 lb) with a BMI of 29.6. R.W. is A&O×4, PERRLA, apical pulse is 84, lung sounds are clear throughout all lobes, abdomen is soft and large, no distention, bowel sounds present in all four quadrants. Pedal pulses 2+ bilaterally. R.W. states that she tends to eat more when she is under stress and has gained several pounds in the last few months. She denies any urinary or bowel problems.

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