Culture in Nursing week 12 discussion

Cultural Diversity in the Health Care Workforce: FNU Culture in Nursing week 12 discussion

Read chapter 12 of the class textbook and review the
attached PowerPoint presentation. Once
done, work on the following exercise;

1. Write a one-page
summary of the advantages of having a diverse nursing and health care staff.

a. Include the benefits to both
health care providers and patients.

b. What health issues may be
better addressed by a diverse health care staff?

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA
format word document, Arial 12 font attached to the forum in the discussion tab
of the blackboard titled “Week 12 discussion questions” for grading and in the
tab titled “Week 12 assignment” in Turnitin to verify originality
which 1 point value. If the originality
exceeds the percentage of plagiarism allow by the University points will be
deducted. A minimum of 2 evidence-based
references besides the class textbook must be used. You must post two replies to any of your
peers sustained with the proper references and make sure that the references
that you use in your assignment are properly quoted in it. A minimum of 700 words is required.