Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 1 Discussion Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 1 Discussion

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Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 1 Discussion Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 1 Discussion

The ultimate goal of health informatics is
to empower populations, communities, families, and individuals with the
opportunity to improve the quality and increase the quantity of their days by
maximizing the use of technology in healthcare.
Following your readings, viewing the PPt for this module and viewing a
TED talk by Karalee Close: Will healthcare
embrace digital or will we die waiting? Link
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Answer 3 of the following questions and
reply to at least one student’s post. Internal citations and references are
required. Please make sure at least one student answers each question.

Based on your reading and the link below,
each of you are responsible for addressing 3 of the following questions ~ the
goal is that you all, as a group, answer all of the questions.

This first week is heavy on the reading;
Unit 1 is really the foundation of informatics and these 5 chapters will be
expanded on throughout this course.
There are a choice of 2 discussion questions from each chapter. YOU ARE
RESPONSIBLE FOR answering a total of three questions ~ these should be from
different chapters.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (links to an external
site) Explore the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange. Automation and informatics-based tools could
be used to bring resources from this site to the point of care.

Identify an area that health informatics is
being integrated into hospital systems; describe the research being done, what
is known, what is unknown?

As nurses, we are constantly coming across
health informatics, explain how it is integrated into the nursing profession (choose
one example ~ feel free to use a personal experience here).

Describe ways in which miscommunications
occurs between healthcare providers in a clinical settings and suggest how
technology could be used to decrease this miscommunication.

Whenever change occurs, there can be
resistance. List and describe at least 2 responses of individuals as described
in chapter 2 and how both of these groups should be managed when planning for
implementing change into a healthcare institution.

How can health informatics influence and
improve evidence-based practice (EBP)?
Using sources, other than just your book, identify and explain how
EBP/practice-based evidence (PBE) can influence or possibly replace research
studies that develop evidence-based practice.

Most clinical settings now use computers
quite comfortably. Discuss why
computerization and health informatics is required if evidence-based practice
is to becomes reality in the clinical setting.

Describe the use of one theory (*** COULD
YOU GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF ONE THEORY FROM THE READING?) in evaluation studies, is this theory
appropriate for the evaluation of electronic medical records?

Why are program evaluations important in
the use of health informatics and electronic medical records? How is program evaluation different from
program research?

Find a source of research or article that
explores a technical models such as cloud computing or application service
providers. Give a synopsis of your
findings (Be sure to give the reference details for easy review)

How did/do incentive programs, such as
Meaningful Use, both positively and negatively impact technical infrastructures
in healthcare settings?

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