Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 4 Quiz Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 4 Quiz

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Eastern Florida NUR3164 Unit 4 Quiz Latest 2019 March NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics Unit 4 Quiz

Question 1

At which stage of “defining
requirements” are tools for SWOT useful?

Interview and observe staff

Review inventory of information systems

Identify regulatory and accreditation requirements

Collect samples of system reports

Question 2

Identify three elements of the SLC in
the order from earliest to latest? (as
identified in chapter 16)

Organize, delegate, negotiate

Plan, test, evolve

Develop, implement, prioritize

Diagnose, maintain, implement

Question 3

Which is included in an RFP but not an
RFI? (Chapter 16)

Goals of the organization

Description of the hospital or health system

Financial considerations

Desired system components and functionality

Question 4

What type of management is typically
considered most all-encompassing?

Program management

Portfolio management

Project management

Process management

Question 5

Which of the following activities would be
considered project management?

Upgrading the network cabling for all 35 computers and servers in a

Overseeing a team of eight that’s working for the next 3 months to
create a new billing form

scheduled quarterly meeting of a hospital’s board of directors to discuss
oversight of the hospital’s departments, revenues, challenges, and

Directing the IT department in its day-to-day tasks

Question 6

What area of management studies a project’s
potential opportunities?





Question 7

Commercial software is becoming more and
more a part of healthcare. When a
commercial company distributes their software, what typically occurs protect
the company’s rights?

object code, executables, and source code are bundled and shipped

right of ownership to the source code transfers to the buyer.

source code is withheld.

software becomes “open source.”

Question 8

What umbrella term in the license agreement
addresses the questions of who the users are, whether software can be distributed,
and the number of copies that can be run?


definition of terms.

service level agreements.


Question 9

In a software license, what legally is
considered a “response” to a user problem?

another word for a “solution.”

independent of problem severity.

typically guaranteed to be 24 hours or sooner.

may, completely legally, never be addressed

Question 10

What would be the typical fee per year for
vendor software maintenance and support?

of total cost

of total cost

of total cost

of total cost