Eastern Florida NUR3805 Chapter 12 Quiz Latest 2019 January NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Chapter 12 Quiz

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Eastern Florida NUR3805 Chapter 12 Quiz Latest 2019 January NUR3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice Chapter 12 Quiz

Question 1

Which of the following best describes
Peplau’s theory on therapeutic use of self?

Putting patients’ needs ahead of your own

Providing excellent clinical skills to improve patients’ health status

Using excellent interpersonal skills to help patients improve their
health status

Self-protection through avoidance of a relationship with the patient

Question 2

One of the most important outcomes of the
orientation phase of the nurse-patient relationship is the development of





Question 3

Which of the following suggests that a
successful contract has been established between the nurse and patient in the
orientation phase of the nurse-patient relationship?

Patient has agreed to learn to change his colostomy bag.

Patient ambulates in the hall without assistance.

Patient allows the nurse to inject his daily insulin.

Patient asks the charge nurse to verify that the staff nurse’s teaching
is correct.

Question 4

When should the preparation for the
termination phase of the nurse-patient relationship begin?

the orientation phase

During the working phase

part of the termination phase

Right before termination

Question 5

Which of the following is an effective way
to maintain safe professional boundaries?

Never accepting small gifts from patients

Finding ways to satisfy your needs through personal relationships
outside of nursing

Avoiding caring for patients who ask personal questions about you

Sharing your personal stories so that patients will feel understood and

Question 6

A nurse comments in private about a
patient: “That lady with six kids is pregnant again! It makes me sick to see
these people on welfare taking away from our tax dollars. I don’t know how she
can continue to do this.” The best response by a nurse peer is to

ignore the biased statements.

accept the comments as self-disclosure.

offer neutral responses.

convey acceptance of the patient.

Question 7

Which is true of verbal and nonverbal

Verbal messages are more important than nonverbal cues.

Individuals can exercise more control over nonverbal communication.

Verbal and nonverbal communication always match.

nonverbal communication may be a more reliable message.

Question 8

Context is one of the five major elements
of communication identified by Ruesch. Which of the following is part of the
context of communication?

about the sender

Attitude of the receiver

Response of the receiver

Content of the message

Question 9

When a co-worker tells the nurse, “I am not
sure I will be able to give the right answers in the job interview,” the nurse
replies, “I know what you mean. Interviews have always been a problem for me,
too.” This response can be evaluated as lacking





Question 10

A 4-year-old child is going to have an
abdominal x-ray examination. The child asks, “Why do they have to do this? Will
it hurt?” Which of the following is the most appropriate response by the nurse?

“The doctor needs you to have the x-ray so she knows what is wrong with

“You will go to the x-ray department so they can take pictures of your
tummy to find out why you have a tummy ache. The bed you lie on may be cool,
but you will have a blanket to keep you warm. The test will not hurt.”

“You will go downstairs on a stretcher. You will need to lie very still
on a hard table while the x-ray machine goes over you. It will not take very

“X-rays do not hurt. The machine takes a picture but will not touch you.”