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Question: Eastern Florida NUR4837 All Assignments

NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process

Unit 2 Assignment 1

Influencing policy at the community level

Sphere of influence: The Community

Choose one
of the two options to explore how to impact one’s community. Have fun with this ~ Be creative! Explore the literature and support your ideas
with scholarly sources/supporting literature.

This should
be a 1-2 page paper with at least 2 references that support your ideas.

1: You are completing a clinical
rotation in a small community agency that provides services to pregnant women
or women with children under the age of 3 in an urban area of the southern
United States. The racial composition of
the community is 78.1% white, 9.6 % African American, 8.0% Hispanic, 0.3%
American Indian/Alaska Native, 2.0% Asian, and 2.0% other.

In 2009,
110,800 women of child-bearing age resided in the county with 5,300 total

you and your fellow students learned that current statistics for the county
reveal that from 2016 to 2018, the infant mortality (number of deaths per 1000
live births) rate was 8.2%; an increase from 6.5% in 2005-2007. For African
Americans, the rates were 10.0% in 2015 to 2017 and increased to 14.4% in 2016
to 2018.

The local
Healthy Start agency confirms that these data are accurate for the
community. In fact, based on a review of
deaths by the coroner, in the last year, the major causes of neonatal and
infant demise were low birth weight, babies sleeping in bed with an adult (roll
over/unintentional deaths), and SIDS.

Task: You
and your peers decide to take action.
With the assistance of the staff from the agency and your nursing
faculty, you decide to develop a community awareness campaign.

1. Name
your campaign.

2. Identify
community partners to help with your campaign.

3. Identify
the stakeholders.

4. Name the
resources you will need.

Establish a task list.

6. Assign

7. Define a

8. Describe
an evaluation process ( you may want to review some ways healthcare
organizations evaluate implementing change).

You will be
evaluated on:

1. Your
ability to creatively engage the interest of the community by the name of the
campaign……………………………………………..…..10 pts

2. Your
understanding of the community partners and stakeholders needed to ensure
success of your cause …………………………….30 pts

3. Your
ability to cite the extent of the resources needed and the time frame to
develop the community awareness campaign…..20 pts

4. Your
knowledge of the steps involved in evaluating the success of your campaign or
what is needed to improve in the future..40 pts


Task: You are going to design a health system that
addresses a specific health care problem and implements a significant component
of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). (For this assignment,
you may incorporate Box 13-2, “Six Drivers of High Performance Health Care
Systems” into your responses.)

1. Choose a
health care problem.

2. Choose a
community, or select an age group most impacted by the problem.

3. Design a
Medical Home (Health Home) for patients identified in #2.

4. Who is
the current primary care provider and why?

5. Who is
the primary care provider in your Medical Home (Health Home) and why?

6. What
specialists currently are needed, and what is the accessibility?

7. How will
specialists be handled in your Medical Home (Health Home)?

8. How is
access to medical information currently handled?

9. How will
you ensure that clients have easy access to medical information in your Medical
Home (Health Home)?

10. How
will you inform the community about your Medical Home (Health Home)?

11. Who are
the stakeholders you need to get on board?

12. What
opposition do you project will occur with the opening of the Medical Home
(Health Home)?

You will be
evaluated on:

1. Your
choice/development of a health care
problem…………………………………….………………………………………….20 pts

2. Your
ability to choose a community or select an age group most impacted by the
problem………….…..20 pts

3. Your
creativity to design a Medical Home (Health Home) for pts identified in #2
& to determine the following: …40 pts

• The
current primary care provider and why you identified that person

• The
primary care provider you select for Medical Home (Health Home) and why

• The
specialists currently needed and the accessibility to the specialists

• How the
specialists will be handled in your Medical Home (Health Home)

• How the
access to medical information is currently handled

• How you
will ensure that clients have easy access to medical information in your
Medical Home (Health Home)

4. Your ability to engage the community by
determining the following: ………………………………….. 40 points

• How you
will inform the community about your Medical Home (Health Home)

• The
stakeholders you need to get on board

• The
opposition you project to opening the Medical Home (Health Home)

NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process

Unit 2 Assignment Midterm Assignment

Let’s look
a bit closer at some of the “hot
topics” for nurses in the workplace and the workforce as these areas are
facing some significant changes in the near future ~ the need for change in
these areas are being driven by the patient outcomes and financial impact. Many of us are resistant to change because
we don’t know what it may bring ~ but things are changing ~ So, let’s embrace it! However, let’s look at some strategies to
bring about change in an orderly fashion in the workplace.

We will be
reading a bit more about innovations to address areas facing changes as the
semester goes on . Some of these include
the emergence of new models of care such as telemonitoring/telehealth, and the
emerging role of the advance practice nurse.
Additional topics are violence in the workplace and staffing ratios are being
discussed at every level.

midterm assignment will be looking at a the implications of policy and politics
in the workplace from the perspective of a budding nurse activist regarding ONE
of the following issues:

of technology and healthcare ~ implications to policy & practice (ch. 71)

for Nurses Injured in the Workplace (ch. 65)

the numbers of Advance Practice Nurses (ch. 66)

the Workplace by Serving on a Hospital’s Board of Directors (ch. 57)

pressures/Value-driven healthcare and the implications to the nurse (ch.

directed at retaining the current
nursing workforce/Nursing workforce development programs

Nursing staffing
ratio debate (ch. 62)

to the community’s health and the role of the nurse in rural health care (ch.

You will be
speaking from the perspective of the nurse’s role in addressing the issue:

1. Clearly identify why this is a hot topic

2. After researching the issue, what have you
identified as a potential solution to this issue? Please support your choice with quality, peer
reviewed references.

3. How would you suggest that the potential
solution be implemented? What
legislation should be passed/ is being proposed to address this? This can be on at the institutional level,
the local level, the regional/state level, or at the national level (Use the
guidance given in Chapter 64: Collective
strategies for change in the workplace.)

4. What do you see as the primary obstacles in
implementing your proposed strategy to address the issue?

5. How would you measure success of your
implementation strategy? (Include key
players and timeline)

This should
be no longer than a 3 page proposal ~ it does not need to meet APA formatting
requirements in layout, however it does have to have at least 3 peer reviewed
journal references that are < than 3 yrs old.

These references should be identified in APA format with corresponding in-text citations (but you’re old pros at this!)

NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process Unit Assignment 3 Health care reform Assignment 3: Exploring Health Care Reform The idea of “insurance for all” resulted in healthcare reform. You’ll have an opportunity to review in a small way what this reform entails and the implications of signing up for insurance through the “market place” ~ Choose a state, but understand the implication of reform can be different from state to state! The other side of the coin is what is going on in the current administration ~ In June, President Trump signed an executive order to make health costs more transparent~ I have included reviews from CBS news and Keiser News ~ they don’t necessarily see eye to eye on this issue… President Trump signed an executive order Monday requiring the cost of health care procedures to be published before patients receive the services, a sweeping overhaul of the health care industry, if implemented.

Take a look at Keiser News and tell us what you think: https://khn.org/morning-breakout/proposal-to-force-insurers-hospitals-to-disclose-secretly-negotiated-prices-stirs-such-vocal-opposition-it-may-get-dropped/ (Links to an external site.)Link (Links to an external site.) Access the Website http://www.healthcare.org/ and (Links to an external site.)select the state in which they will reside and seek employment. Based on these sites, answer the following questions: 1. What does the Website reveal about health insurance in the state? 2. What is listed about general health statistics of population in the state? 3. What is the state’s health ranking? 4. Does the ranking have any correlation to health insurance? 5. What are the health highlights? 6. What health statistics surprise you? 7. Would you be able to access a health insurance price quote? If yes, what guidelines are provided? If not, why not? 8. List the state legislator(s) that sit(s) on the health committee. 9. What is the state’s position on health care reform? What is/was the support for reform? Is the debate ongoing? 10. What do you anticipate will be the influence of health care reform on your practice in this state? Give your overall opinion of what you have researched.

NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process Unit 4 Assignment Final Assignment Emerging Infectious Diseases Please select an emerging infectious disease that is of concern in your community and answer the following questions in a scholarly paper: 1. Name the disease, its cause, and how it is transmitted -include citation that supports information 2. What is the surveillance process and reporting mechanism? -include citation that supports information 3. Are all areas of the community equally at risk? -include citation that supports information 4. What are the public health policies pertaining to the disease? -include citation that supports information 5. How is the community involved in prevention, marketing information, and teaching? -include citation that supports information 6. If you were employed in an acute care setting, what are the implications for practice? -include citation that supports information 7. What changes would you suggest in public health policy or procedure to address the issue?- -include citation that supports information This scholarly paper should include: The paper format should be approx. 3-5 pages (not incl. title page, reference list), APA 6th Ed. formatted Include at least three scholarly sources, no older than 4 yrs. (at least one needs to be a peer reviewed journal)

Prepare a reference list of all resources and websites used in your research using APA 6th ed guidelines (please note: IF you include them in your reference list, you must cite the source in your paper) ~ No abstract needed Limit of 1-2 direct quotations per paper Citations should be a paraphrase of of the information with a properly formatted citation at the end example: (Steury, 2019). If you copy and paste text without quotations and a proper citation it is considered plagiarism I will not look at your paper if your TurnItIn report is above 30% (if your report is above 30% fix it before the due date and resubmit it)