FIU NUR4636C Exam

Question: FIU NUR4636C Exam 5 July.

Question 1 Which is the highest level of research that should be conducted and includes randomization:

Randomized Control Trial Evidence Based Practice

Meta Analysis Qualitative Study

Question 2 This class has broadened my view of Community and
Public Health and the many roles available for Bachelor’s prepared nurses
within that specialty.



Question 3 Select the activity/activities that should be
implemented to control occupational disease

Medical screening

Environmental monitoring

Personal protective devices

All of the above

Question 4 Adult Stem Cells can be found in many tissues but
compared to embryonic stem cells, cannot make every single cell in the body,
divide only a handful of times, but are having greater success in research as
they do not create tumors, and show promise to manage many diseases.



Question 5 Home health nursing and hospice are specialties
in community based care



Question 6 Credentialing through certification is available
through the American Board of Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) who
established and conducted the first Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN)
credentialing exam.



Question 7 One field of work for Bachelor’s prepared nurses
that provides for recognition and management of work related illness and injury
and provide work place education is:

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing

Environmental Health Nursing

Occupational health Nursing

Question 8 Which technology will drastically increase access
to healthcare worldwide including real time robotic surgery from a remote

Electronic Medical Record


Internet access

Satellite communication

Question 9 Which are of the following is not a benefit to
the patient from Home health nursing services?

Transportation is not needed for the patient

The patient is part of the interdisciplinary team

Ability to develop an authentic trust and collaborative
relationship between the nurse and patient

Provision of social services

Question 10 Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy
(CAR-T), involves taking T-cells from a patient, genetically engineering them,
and putting them back in to fight cancer. This is a treatment approved by the
FDA that can possibly transform cancer therapy.



Question 11 Which Agency is responsible for conducting
research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury
and illness:




Commission on Accreditation of Occupational Health

Question 12 One way we can use technology to expand
healthcare access, efficiency, and convenience is:

Web based education programs


Urgent Care centers

Advanced Practice Nurses

Question 13 With my Bachelor’s degree, I will be a role
model, leader, and will advocate more wisely and intelligently for all patients
and the healthcare industry.



Question 14 Select the correct sequential steps in the home
visit process:

Planning, Evaluating, Implementing, Termination

Planning, Implementing, Evaluating, Documentation,

Documentation, Evaluating, Implementing, Termination

Planning, Documentation, Implementing, Evaluating,

Question 15 Work related diseases may include all problems
below except:

Hearing loss

Sleep apnea

Musculoskeletal injury

Neurologic illness

Question 16 Home/Community health nurses are able to
evaluate the context of patients’ lives and how social determinants of health
affect them and their health instead of the controlled environment in the



Question 17 Which is an approach to patient care that
stresses decision making based on available evidence, patient characteristics,
situations, preferences, and best practices?

Public Health

Standard of Care

Accredited Guidelines

Evidence Based Practice

Question 18 Home health visits have been linked to all items
listed below except:

Fewer hospital readmission

Fewer emergency department visits

Savings when compared with acute care

Longer life expectancy

Question 19 Which Agency requires employers to comply with
all occupational safety and health standards as promulgated by the Occupational
Safety and Health Act of 1970?




Commission on Accreditation of Occupational Health

Question 20

Worksite programs that include screenings and interventions
designed to change employees’ health behaviors and reduce risks are:

Preplacement examinations

Worksite health promotion programs

Employee assistance programs

None of the above