NUR3636 Community Health Across the Lifespan

Question: NUR3636 Community Health Across the Lifespan: Eastern Florida 2019 May NUR3636 Unit 10 Quiz latest.

Module 10 quiz Question 1 Which of the following approaches has research
suggested is the most effective way to approach drug addiction?

Harm reduction

Criminal justice

Punishment approach

Substance abuse

Question 2Which of the following is an accurate concern
about the use of marijuana?


Marijuana may damage
the respiratory tract.

Marijuana has
painful withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana can often
reduce pain but physicians refuse to prescribe it.

Marijuana quickly
leads to psychological and physiological dependence.

Question 3Which of the following addictive drugs is both
legal and culturally acceptable throughout almost all of the United States?




Mixed alcoholic

Question 4A movie shows a woman and a man having a contest
to see who can drink more shots of whiskey. Who is more likely to “win” the
drinking contest when the other passes out and cannot continue?

The man will win.

The woman will win.

If they play fair,
they’ll probably both vomit before passing out.

If their drinks are
the same size, they’ll both pass out about the same time.

Question 5A school health nurse is asked by a parent group
to explain risk factors for alcoholism. Which of the following information
should the nurse include?

Alcoholism is
determined partly by genetic factors.

Alcoholism is
determined primarily by the family environment.

Persons who are
alcoholics are usually women.

Persons born with
fetal alcohol syndrome are alcoholics from birth.

Question 6A nurse is concerned about the possibility of
suicide in a teenage boy. Which of the following characteristics has the boy
most likely displayed?


He is depressed and
has a history of being sexually abused.

He has been accused
of abusing an animal.

He is between the
ages of 15 and 19.

He has threatened
harm to his school peers.

Question 7Which of the following is the most likely reason
for a man to rape a woman?

For power and

Because the woman
was asking for it

Provoked by the
woman’s dress and behavior

Sexual pleasure and

Question 8Which of the following is the top risk factor for
intimate partner homicide?

The wife has
previously called 911 because of husband’s beating her.

The woman’s young
daughter also lives with them.

The husband has made
threats against wife before.

There is a gun in
the house.

Question 9Which of the following statements best explains
the primary reason why violence is so high among young African-American men?

Unemployment is
higher in this population.

Violent tendencies
are transferred genetically along racial lines.

They are young and
thus lack maturity.

Men tend to be more
violent than women.

Question 10 Which of the following statements is the best
explanation as to why some countries are more violent than others?

Violence is a
learned behavior controlled or allowed by social norms.

differences are the main determinant—for example, having more males than females.

differences are the primary factor.

Civilized societies are less violent than primitive societies.