NUR4837 Unit 2 Assignment

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NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process.

Unit 2 Assignment Midterm Assignment

Let’s look
a bit closer at some of the “hot
topics” for nurses in the workplace and the workforce as these areas are
facing some significant changes in the near future ~ the need for change in
these areas are being driven by the patient outcomes and financial impact. Many of us are resistant to change because
we don’t know what it may bring ~ but things are changing ~ So, let’s embrace it! However, let’s look at some strategies to
bring about change in an orderly fashion in the workplace.

We will be
reading a bit more about innovations to address areas facing changes as the
semester goes on . Some of these include
the emergence of new models of care such as telemonitoring/telehealth, and the
emerging role of the advance practice nurse.
Additional topics are violence in the workplace and staffing ratios are being
discussed at every level.

midterm assignment will be looking at a the implications of policy and politics
in the workplace from the perspective of a budding nurse activist regarding ONE
of the following issues:

of technology and healthcare ~ implications to policy & practice (ch. 71)

for Nurses Injured in the Workplace (ch. 65)

the numbers of Advance Practice Nurses (ch. 66)

the Workplace by Serving on a Hospital’s Board of Directors (ch. 57)

pressures/Value-driven healthcare and the implications to the nurse (ch.

directed at retaining the current
nursing workforce/Nursing workforce development programs

staffing ratio debate (ch. 62)

to the community’s health and the role of the nurse in rural health care (ch.

You will be
speaking from the perspective of the nurse’s role in addressing the issue:

1. Clearly identify why this is a hot topic

2. After researching the issue, what have you
identified as a potential solution to this issue? Please support your choice with quality, peer
reviewed references.

3. How would you suggest that the potential
solution be implemented? What
legislation should be passed/ is being proposed to address this? This can be on at the institutional level,
the local level, the regional/state level, or at the national level (Use the
guidance given in Chapter 64: Collective
strategies for change in the workplace.)

4. What do you see as the primary obstacles in
implementing your proposed strategy to address the issue?

5. How would you measure success of your
implementation strategy? (Include key
players and timeline)