NUR4837 Unit Assignment 3 Healthcare Reform

Question: Eastern Florida NUR4837 Unit Assignment 3 Healthcare Reform Latest.

NUR4837 Healthcare Policy, Advocacy, and the Political Process.  Unit Assignment 3 Health care reform

Assignment 3: Exploring Health Care Reform

The idea of “insurance for all” resulted in healthcare reform. You’ll have an opportunity to review in a small way what this reform entails and the implications of signing up for insurance
through the “market place” ~ Choose a state, but understand the implication of reform can be different from state to state!

The other side of the coin is what is going on in the current administration ~

In June, President Trump signed an executive order to make health costs more
transparent~ I have included reviews
from CBS news and Keiser News ~ they don’t necessarily see eye to eye on this

Trump signed an executive order Monday requiring the cost of health care
procedures to be published before patients receive the services, a sweeping
overhaul of the health care industry, if implemented.

Take a look
at Keiser News and tell us what you think:

(Links to an external site.)Link (Links to an external site.)

Access the
and (Links to an external
site.)select the state in which they will reside and seek employment.

Based on
these sites, answer the following questions:

1. What
does the Website reveal about health insurance in the state?

2. What is
listed about general health statistics of population in the state?

3. What is
the state’s health ranking?

4. Does the
ranking have any correlation to health insurance?

5. What are
the health highlights?

6. What
health statistics surprise you?

7. Would
you be able to access a health insurance price quote? If yes, what guidelines
are provided? If not, why not?

8. List the
state legislator(s) that sit(s) on the health committee.

9. What is
the state’s position on health care reform? What is/was the support for reform?
Is the debate ongoing?

10. What do
you anticipate will be the influence of health care reform on your practice in
this state?

Give your overall opinion of what you have researched.