NURS490 Week 4 Reflection Assignment 3 latest 2018 October Week 4 Reflection Assignment 3

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NURS490 Week 4 Reflection Assignment 3 latest 2018 October Week 4 Reflection Assignment 3

This week, reflect on your perception of healthcare delivery
models and the nurse’s role in public health programs as it has evolved over
the course of your RN-BSN program at WCU. Identify specific healthcare delivery
models you support, and compare and contrast public health programs you are
familiar with. How does your academic work support evidence of meeting the

Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice

Outcome #2: Demonstrate an understanding of the basic
elements of the research process and models for applying evidence to clinical

Outcome #5: Participate in the process of retrieval,
appraisal, and synthesis of evidence in collaboration with other members of the
healthcare team to improve patient outcomes.

Outcome #6: Integrate evidence, clinical judgment,
interprofessional perspectives, and patient preferences in planning,
implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care.

Outcome #7: Collaborate in the collection, documentation,
and dissemination of evidence.

Review your past academic work, evaluate your effectiveness
at meeting this program essential, and ponder the impact that this proficiency
will have on your future.

Identify how you met the essential by referring to the
assignment(s) specifically in your response. Additionally, reflect on and make
connections between your academic experience and real-world applications.

Showcase your academic work related to this essential and
these outcomes in your ePortfolio and directly reference it in your reflection

Recommended: Refer to work you completed for NURS 561 Health
Promotion and Disease Prevention and NURS 350 Research in Nursing, as well as
other courses, to gather academic examples and evidence of having met this

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