NURS6002 Week Part 6- Finalizing the Plan

Question: NURS6002 Week Part 6- Finalizing the Plan.

Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development

Part 6: Finalizing the Plan

At some point in every construction project, efforts turn from design and the focus moves to actual construction. With the vision in
place and the tools secured, the blueprint can be finalized and approved. Then
it is time to put on hardhats and begin work.

Throughout the course you have developed aspects of your
Academic and Professional Development Plan. You have put a great deal of
thought into your vision and goals, your academic and professional network of
support, research strategies and other tools you will need, the integrity of
your work, and the value of consulting the work of others. With your portfolio
in place, it is now time to finalize your blueprint for success.

Much as builders remain cognizant of the building standards
as they plan and begin construction, nurses must remain mindful of the formal
standards of practice that govern their specialty. A good understanding of
these standards can help ensure that your success plan includes any steps
necessary to excel within your chosen specialty.

In this Assignment you will continue developing your
Academic Success and Professional Development Plan by developing the final
component: a review of your specialty standards of practice. You will also
submit your final version of the document, including Parts 1–5.

To Prepare:

• Review
the standards of practice related to your chosen specialty.

• Download
the Nursing Specialty Comparison Matrix.

• Examine
professional organizations related to the specialization you have chosen and
identify at least one to focus on for this assignment.

• Reflect
on the thoughts you shared in the Discussion forum regarding your choice of a
specialty, any challenges you have encountered in making this choice, and any
feedback you have received from colleagues in the Discussion.

The Assignment:

Complete the following items and incorporate them into the
final version of your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan.

• Write a
paragraph that provides a detailed comparison at least two nursing specialties,
including your selected specialization and second-preferred specialization.

• Write a
clear and accurate 2- to 3-paragraph justification statement identifying your
reasons for choosing your MSN specialization. Provide sufficient evidence of
incorporating feedback you received from colleagues in this week’s Discussion

• Clearly
identify and accurately describe in detail the professional organization
related to the specialization you have chosen to focus on for this assignment
and explain how you can become an active member of this organization.

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