Nursing Papers in APA Format

Nursing Papers in APA Format.

When writing college-level papers, it is critical to master the writing process in its entirety. From research and writing citations to critical thinking and using the right essay structure, you must handle everything correctly. Applying referencing styles appropriately and listing the full references accurately in the references list, works cited page, or bibliography page shows you have mastered academic writing. And impressing your professor will always be in your best interest. Each discipline favors a specific editorial style.  For instance, you are supposed to write your nursing papers in APA format. And a law student needs to get familiar with OSCOLA.

Mixing up Referencing Styles

Understanding how the various referencing styles work is critical. But using the different formats correctly gives a lot of students trouble. That is because each style follows specific citation rules and conventions that make it different than the others. Additionally, some styles such as APA and Harvard may have various common elements, and mixing them up can be easy. Students are also likely to mix up things a little when writing in-text citations in MLA or APA. While you teacher understands they can be confusing, they expect you to master the various formats and use them correctly all the time and write your nursing papers in APA format.


Why is Formatting Style Important?

Nursing Papers in APA Format

Editorial styles such as APA and the rest codify all the elements of scientific writing, leading to consistency and uniformity. A writing style covers everything from headings and tone, abbreviations, punctuation, and presentation of statistics to in-text citations, and presentation of figures and tables. Using editorial styles ensures authors stop worrying about minor issues and focus their attention on the substance of their research or study.

Nursing School Prefers APA Style

APA is the abbreviation for American Psychological Association. It is the referencing style scholars studying education, psychology, and the sciences favor.  Nursing is a scientific discipline, so nursing school prefers nursing papers in APA format. Whether writing the regular nursing assignments or for journals in your field, you are supposed to follow the applicable style rules.

Giving Credit to Those Who Deserve it

The process of writing nursing assignments necessitates reading other researchers’ work. Professionalism demands that you give credit to the scholars who developed the studies you are relying on. Failure to do that prompts others (including your professor) to accuse you of academic dishonesty. Now, who wants their professor concluding they lack academic integrity? When writing your nursing papers in APA format, in-text citations help you to appreciate how other people’s efforts have shaped the development of your ideas and thoughts.

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What are In-text Citations?

They are references you include within the body of your nursing papers in APA format or any other academic paper. Citations direct your reader to the sources that support your claims. The editorial style you are using determines how you format your in-text citations. You may want to visit credible sites such as Purdue University’s and learn how to present your nursing papers in APA format. Our professional nursing essay writers are experts when it comes to citations and references. They ensure your nursing assignment gets accurately formatted, and correct formatting nursing papers in APA format earns you marks.

How to Write In-text Citations Using APA Referencing Style

We recommend that you write your in-text citations immediately after paraphrasing or using information from a source. Writing such citations after you have completed your paper can prove difficult and extremely time-consuming. Did you know MS Word makes writing citations and the references list easy and much less time-consuming? It is pretty easy to use, too. Writing nursing papers in APA format requires you to use the author’s last name and publication date.

For instance: Smoking kills more than 5,000,000 people every year (Mackay, 2007). You can also write: Mackay found that smoking killed over five million people each year (2007). Either approach is correct and acceptable. Forget any other bit of information you want but resolve to retain this advice. Please visit credible websites (preferably those belonging to well-known universities such as Purdue) and learn how to cite various sources. Citing a magazine is a little different than citing a book for nursing papers in APA format, for example.

Include Page Number When Using Direct Quotations

There are times you choose to use an author’s exact words. If the direct quote contains less than 40 words, always use quotation marks. When writing your in-text citation in this case, include sources page number as well. For example: “Smoking kills 5.4 million people each year” (Mackay, 2007, p.9). You must write all direct quotes the way they appear in the source.

What If the Quote has More than 40 Words?

Some direct quotes can be quite lengthy. We advise that you avoid using quotes that are too long. With a little creativity and experience, you can manage that. But if you feel your paper needs such a quote, do not use the quotation marks. What do you do, instead? Press the enter key and start writing your quote. Then, indent the whole block of text a half inch from the left margin. You are supposed to write the in-text citation immediately after the text. The citation should be in parenthesis. An example would probably explain it better.

He asserts,

Smoking is a highly addictive habit. It is a worrying trend in the United States. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for an array of illnesses including various types of cancers, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. Although the habit affects the whole body adversely, it damages the heart and lungs in the most severe ways. Carbon monoxide, a principal component of cigarette smoke, binds to the hemoglobin and therein prevents oxygen from doing so. (Ross, 2007, p.3)

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Does this Seem Difficult?

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Writing Your Nursing Paper’s Title Page in APA

Your professor or instructor will see the title page before anything else. That is the reason you need to handle it right before handing it in. Write the full title of your paper (not more than 12 words) and place it at the center of your page. Your title needs to be concise. Do not use contractions or abbreviations.  Create a header and write a shortened form of your title. Write the words “Running head” and use a full colon before you type your running title. Align them left. Also, ensure that the running title appears on every subsequent page. Number your pages; the page number should appear on the top right corner of each page.  Always use Times New Roman, font 12. Remember to create a one-inch margin all around the content in every page.

Author’s Name/Authors’ Names

Write the name of the author or the authors’ names beneath the title. Please do not use titles such as Dr. or degrees such as MBA or Ph.D. Use “and” when writing the names of the authors if there are only two of them. For example: James and Krugger.  If more than two, use commas to separate the names. Be sure to include “and” just before the last author’s name. For example: James, Krugger, and Josef.

The Reference List in APA Format

Every in-text citation used on your paper should appear in full on the references page. You need to know how to present your sources in the recommended format. All you need to do is type “References” on a page separate from your paper’s body. Then bold and center it. We will assume you had been building up your references list in MS Word as you wrote your work.  Now, go to “References” then “Bibliography” and select “Works Cited.” Magic happens —your references roll down the page in alphabetical order. Remember to double space the references and apply hanging indentation in MS Word.

Here is how an entry relating to a journal article would look like:



Ross, M. (2007). Effects of Smoking on Blood Oxygenation Level. Smoking and Blood Oxygenation, 3.

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