Walden NURS6052 Week 4 Discussion

Question: Walden NURS6052 Week 4 Discussion.

NURS6052/NURS5052/NRSE6052 Essent of Evidence

Week 4 Discussion Searching Databases

When you decide to purchase a new car, you first decide what is important to you. If
mileage and dependability are the important factors, you will search for data
focused more on these factors and less on color options and sound systems.

The same
holds true when searching for research evidence to guide your clinical inquiry
and professional decisions. Developing a formula for an answerable,
researchable question that addresses your need will make the search process
much more effective. One such formula is the PICO(T) format.

In this
Discussion, you will transform a clinical inquiry into a searchable question in
PICO(T) format, so you can search the electronic databases more effectively and
efficiently. You will share this PICO(T) question and examine strategies you
might use to increase the rigor and effectiveness of a database search on your
PICO(T) question.

To Prepare:

Review the
materials offering guidance on using databases, performing keyword searches,
and developing PICO(T) questions provided in the Resources.

Review the
Resources for guidance and develop a PICO(T) question of interest to you for
further study.